Meet the Georgia Awana Team 

If your church doesn't already have a strong youth program which trains youth for service in the church and as future leaders of the church and our nation, we would love to explain how the Awana program could help you.


North West Georgia

Our desire is to remain faithful to His call, and reach many boys, girls and parents with the Gospel of Christ through the ministry of Awana.

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North North East,  North Central & South Georgia

God's going to reward us for how we impacted each and every one of them with the Gospel of Christ. Did we give them the tools they needed to grow in Christ? Did we equip them properly with the things of God and not man? If we can be of any help to anyone please let us know.

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Middle North East Georgia

Although we enjoy serving across the state helping with Awana Games, conferences, and quizzing, our passion is for helping churches use the ministry of Awana effectively to reach as many children as possible with the Gospel of Christ and to train them to serve Him.

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Middle Georgia

Knowing that God has called me to give myself FULLY to the work of the Lord as an AWANA missionary, I ask for your prayers and financial support as I begin my journey to become a full time Awana missionary to Middle Georgia.

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